The Hospital purpose is to treat/manage diabetes and its complications.
Large population of the rural people of Nigeria are poor they souly depend on government Hospitals for treatment of Diabetes. Our work is to compliment the work of the government since the government alone cannot provide adequate treatment for all living with diabetes which as a result leads to problems like : untimely death, diabetes complications and so on.

This project is being taken so that the poor people living with diabetes can get good health with the service from this hospital with no cost. The project duration will take about 2 years to complete
The project estimated budget : £100,000

The rural people have no access to good health care services to manage diabetes and its complications. people in the rural communities are usually poor because they cannot work to earn a living therefore a modern hospital in a local community is essential for rural people to help them with diabetes treatment,management, education/awareness and dietary etc.

The people in the rural community in our country are neither capable of bearing their healt expenditure nor aware of diabetes symptoms or do not have the knowledge of diabetes. Moreover poverty is therefore a major challenge for undected diabetes which has Resulted to alot of amputation,stroke,kidney failure and heart attack.

Due to the huge number of population Nigeria faces double boarding of diabetes deasese.

In hospital building there will be various departments for treatment of Diabetes and its related complications . The people will be able to get good and quick service.

To improve the conditions of people in rural community. Poor people, children and every adult that is less-privileged. Because we know that in every year thousands of people are dying as a result of diabetes complications.

Specially those who are poor and cannot afford medical care . Pregnant women, children and the elderly.

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